Hello there, you’ve reached my personal website! Nothing too fancy, just your average software developer’s pet project website which tries to be cool in some way (and probably fails). But hey, at least it realised my geek childhood dream of creating my very own personal website :P

Anyway, there are two main goals for this site: serve as an archive where people can download apps I wrote (at least the ones I consider “public worthy”), and to be a place where you can read about my experiences in software development and some other topics like mobile photography or computer games (my favourite pastime).

I’ve been creating all kinds of programs for some time now, and was surprised at how popular some of them were when I first released them for public download on the Interwebs. This site makes it simpler for people to find them since the original websites/forums where they were initially hosted are mostly gone now.

It’s hard to find time for “secondary” hobbies in today’s productivity-obssesed, busy world, but I’ll try to keep things updated here (no promises though :)). Anyway, hope you’ll like the content and maybe come back occasionally :)


I’ve finally taken the time to arrange a dedicated web server and created a more professional and comprehensive website. Read more.

You can find my applications on the Applications page.