Analyzed for Windows 64-bit

I’ve finally dug-up the source-code for the Analyzed Windows Media Player plugin from my old Windows PC and managed to open it in Visual Studio 2013. The last modified file was from 2007 :) It’s been 7 years, and the original was writen when I was just starting my first year of college. I was amazed to see the old Visual Studio 2005 project open up without issues in the latest 2015 IDE and compile without any errors with the newest toolset.

Android's New Runtime

There has been a lot of talk recently about Google’s new ART runtime for Android which debuted with the recent Android 4.4 update. ART (which stands for Android Runtime) means to replace Dalvik, the current runtime on top of which (most) Android applications execute. Dalvik has been a part of Android since the beginning, being one of the core components of the whole operating system. As user applications on Android are meant to be written in Java (see Google having issues with Oracle about this), the runtime is the component which runs the compiled Java applications on the device and connects them with the rest of the operating system (applications are not much fun by themselves if they do not use the graphics system to display user interfaces, the networking system to send and receive data etc).

Photography Section

Last week I found some time to add a Photography section to the site. I take lots of photos with my mobile phone and some of them turn out to be really cool or interesting. I’ll try to put up some of these photos with a small description of why I thought the particular photo was worth sharing. I’m really interested in improvements to the core photography experience on Android. Ever since the iPhone 4 and it’s remarkably good camera raised the bar, more and more casual photographers are moving to the mobile world.

Initial Content Migrated

For starters, I’ve tweaked the site theme to my liking and I’ve transferred all the old content to the new site. I’ll be gradually adding new content to the site over time, starting with my newer applications like Photo Resize and some yet unreleased ones :) Stay tuned!

Hello World

I’ve finally taken the time to arrange a dedicated web server and created a more professional and comprehensive website. There will still be some ongoing effort to improve the design and content so do not perceive this as complete yet. If you find something missing/not quite right or otherwise have any useful suggestions, please give me a call (oh, and that’s in the Internet sense of things, actually calling me on the phone would be really weird :)).