Analyzed for Windows 64-bit

I’ve finally dug-up the source-code for the Analyzed Windows Media Player plugin from my old Windows PC and managed to open it in Visual Studio 2013. The last modified file was from 2007 :) It’s been 7 years, and the original was writen when I was just starting my first year of college.

I was amazed to see the old Visual Studio 2005 project open up without issues in the latest 2015 IDE and compile without any errors with the newest toolset. Also, creating a x64 build and compiling it went without a hitch, just a couple of uncarefull casts needed to be fixed to get rid of warnings.

So, at first hand I’m just releasing a 64-bit compatibile version of Analyzed which you can find here. But now, since I have everything setup for work again, you can expect updates to the actual plugin – as soon as I find time to work on it ;)